33 Short Stories in a Nutshell

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Different people have different stories to tell. Some can entertain us while others let us learn lifelong lessons that we can use in our everyday lives. And that’s exactly what 33 Short Stories in a Nutshell will do.

With short stories set in various places, culture and situations, you will discover a new world that will let you briefly escape your personal responsibilities and routine tasks. You will see a new dimension of life that will invite new ideas, thoughts and insights into your fast-paced life.

So, say hello to your newfound buddy! It’s time to be lost within the pages of this book.

“The stories can touch your heart. It speaks of family, friendship and love in a general sense. It’s just so amazing that we always take for granted books like this one. I never regretted my decision to buy a copy. And I would definitely encourage everyone to do the same thing. Great story!”

-Patricia Lewis Los Angeles, California

“Every page will make boredom go away. The book just oozes with lessons that can last a lifetime and honestly, I’ve never read many books like this one. It made me realize that I’m not the only person in the world who suffers such problems. Therefore, I should always keep my hopes up and transform negativity into positivity.”

-Laura Thomas Louisville, Kentucky

“Nothing is greater than a story that tells a lesson in a unique and interesting manner. And Carlos Cornejo just did that in his book, 33 Short Stories in a Nutshell. He entertained me through his wit and humor. He made me feel different emotions in every story. And he touched my heart when family and friendship was tackled in the book. Now you can see why it’s a must-read for everybody.”

-Susan Hill Kansas City, Missouri

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Carlos V. Cornejo


Carlos V. Cornejo is a native of San Francisco, California and now is a resident of Redwood City, California. He is a family man with adult children and growing grandchildren . He is retired from being Superintendent of Schools in San Francisco. He still retains his love for teaching and interacting with others of all ages. After military service as a Marine, and also having traveled much of the world, he now enjoys continuing his writing of short stories, gardening, reading, movies and the cultural events scheduled in the San Francisco Bay area. He loves to write for your amusement and his.

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